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I like the 22 WMR round. People believed it would dissappear when the 17 HMR came out. It didn't, and I wager it is more popular than before.

I am not a huge fan of the caliber from a handgun. It is certainly more powerful than the 22LR. The muzzle blast is substantial compared to a 22LR.

Most folks who have the Ruger Single Six seldom change the cylinders out from 22LR. My belief is that you should have a dedicated 22 Mag revolver/handgun if you want to shoot the caliber with any regularity.

I think a rifle in 22 Mag is a very good survival type weapon with fairly broad capabilities along with ammo that is fairly compact.

Most don't shoot their 22 Mags much because of the cost of ammunition. But if you shoot factory loads, it is cheaper than centerfire choices.
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