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I just traded into a ‘new’ 2008 WASR-10/63. Just the basic Romanian AK, made in the same CUGIR toaster factory where my old SAR-1 was built. It has the plain, threaded muzzle with a nut on it. The wood on the WASR is uglier than that which came on the old SAR-1’s.

The WASR’s G2 trigger is infinitely better than any SAR I ever handled. Five times over the RCBS trigger pull gauge reveal it to be a consistent four pounds. If you can finesse a trigger, it is two-stage. The first stage takes just over three pounds to 'set' and the final stage is the other pound, which feels like nothing after you've completed the first stage. The final stage could be crisper... I'll look at it after it wears in and see what can be done about that.

The first outing proved the rifle plenty accurate for an AK, putting three shots of Wolf FMJ in just over a half-inch at 50 yards- the G2 trigger really helps. The problem was that the POI was five inches to the left, at the limit of sight adjustment. So I knocked the pins out and straightened the FSB out. This of course involved cutting the muzzle nut weld, a simple matter with a fine Demel cutting wheel. Folks, that Front Sight Base was ON there! It took PB Blaster & creative block and punch work to get it moving. I ain't bitching though... had to light a torch to move the FSB on the old SAR.

After squaring up the FSB, I centered the front sight and slogged out in a downpour to confirm the windage correction. At 110 yards I fired three shots, two of which landed in a 5" bull. Therein lies the beauty of the AK. I had no problems with optics loading up with water, compromised iron sight co-witness, etc. Just blow the water out of the sight notch and keep on hammerin’.

There was just enough barrel showing through the holes, after the adjustment, that re-drilling was in order. I hogged the FSB holes with a 7/64 bit, cleared the proud barrel material and got a good snug drive-in with the OEM pins. While I had it apart, I also re-crowned the muzzle with a fine silicon ball and finished it off with some 400 grit silicon carbide paper. Most Century AK muzzles look pretty awful and this one was no different. I’ve re-crowned several now and in every case, accuracy improved 70-100 percent.
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