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No Patriot, is not a liability for the court, at least not in the criminal or civil punishment sense. The only consequence is political, and most judges are elected.

Yes, a TRO is fairly easy to get, but it does require sworn testimony and/or other evidence. Often it is an He said/She said in the form of affidavits. When you get to the stage of a permanent injunction, there will be lawyers and live testimony, plus whatever evidence can be gathered to bolster a case. And if any one lies in their affidavits to get a TRO, it will hurt them at the fornal injunction hearing.

This petition is largely duplicative of existing law, and there really is no reason to make it any easier for spuses to obtain restrictions on the other spouses constitutional rights. And California is a no-fault state; the only thing to argue about are minimal property issues, and child custody and support.
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