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Hook - good question re the tube versus mag loading. Beats me, and I don't have the incentive to check it out. Just this month I dug out of my SD box a bunch of my old receipts for guns I bought or parted with, and the Ruger was one of them. The serial # was 100-316xx and I sold it on November 20, 1975 for $125.00.

My body clock and other signs are telling me that it's time to get my affairs in order, so that my descendants don't have as much hassle as some others do. This is where the rubber meets the road, IMO. At this point, I think that very few women would prioritize ordering (sorting) their guns and who they go to and their provenance, over other things. I am not the least bit apologetic that, as far as possessions and main memories go, my guns are "me" and I want my offspring to remember me that way.
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