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Beware marketing myths

Accurate Powders Answer: "Most of our powders are not insensitive, and will show some effect at hot and cold temperatures.

However, we test at -40F and +125F and the deviation in most cases are ca 3% to 5% at these extreme levels. Therefore most shooters do not notice much difference under normal practical hunting conditions.

More elaboration on the subject:

Complete temperature stability can only be achieved with tubular extruded powders designs, either with double base (NG) and/or with other coating technologies.

Because the ballistic performance at extreme temperature is completely dependant on the specific combination, it is very difficult to quantify and qualify.

Our standard powders perform very well at extreme temperatures, and usually pass the strict military requirements by a large margin.

This is a subject that often fraught with misconceptions and inaccuracies.

The term is used loosely by manufacturers without qualifying the subject, and is obviously exploited for marketing purposes and perceptions.

The facts are:

Although powders can be improved, it’s really only possible with advanced coating procedures and additives which increase the cost.
A particular powder can be improved re temperature stability for certain combinations, within a certain envelope which is specific to the following three main parameters/aspects
The caliber.
The weight of the projectile/bullet.
The performance level.
If any of these parameters/aspects go beyond or outside the intended ratio/s, the results will change and the performance will sometimes be different.

It is also very important that when a comparison is made, that all conditions re weapon i.e. components primer, case, bullet and the velocity are equal, and preferably done at the same time on the same day."
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