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Originally Posted by Eppie
It doesn't make sense because "once burned twice shy". I'm human, mostly rational, but not always. After all the whole 1911 market is irrational.


In marketing class they used to teach us that if customer had 19 positive experiences with a company's product all it took was one negative experiece to undo the brand goodwill that had built up with that customer. I had a bad experience.

I really would like to have a double stack Para 1911. But given my experience and that the feedback is not sufficiently positive for me to feel comfortable, it is unlikely that I will be buying another double stack. A single stack, no problem.
I understand that you had a bad experience, and if you choose to extrapolate from your isolated bad experience and avoid double stack 1911s, I can understand that and I have no problem with it.

What I CAN'T understand is why/how you extrapolate from ONE person posting that he had a problem with a gun that he built from a kit (which means only the receiver was from Para-Ordnance, because those kits were sold to convert single stacks to double stack) to get to

Originally Posted by Eppie
You're confirming my belief that all double stack 1911 are problematic unless proven otherwise.
If you consider the four of us, who report no problems with something on the order of seven or eight pistols, to be too anecdotal to make you feel comfortable, surely a sample of ONE is too anecdotal to be confirmation that ALL double stack 1911s are problematic. In fact, the simple fact that even one of my Para double stacks was not problematic proves conclusively that NOT all double stack 1911s are problematic.
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