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It doesn't make sense because "once burned twice shy". I'm human, mostly rational, but not always. After all the whole 1911 market is irrational.

Why do people pay $1,000+ for a pistol that is 100 year old design with low capacity, when for $500 you can buy a Glock, S&W, etc.. that delivers the same bullet with greater reliability and nearly twice the mag capacity?

In marketing class they used to teach us that if customer had 19 positive experiences with a company's product all it took was one negative experiece to undo the brand goodwill that had built up with that customer. I had a bad experience.

I really would like to have a double stack Para 1911. But given my experience and that the feedback is not sufficiently positive for me to feel comfortable, it is unlikely that I will be buying another double stack. A single stack, no problem.

What I will do is look for a someone selling a used double stack. And if he is willing to go the range and let me put fifty rounds through it then I'll buy it, if not, I won't. It's that simple.

I am glad you have a couple of double stack Paras that work well for you and are totally reliable, and I envy you.

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