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Originally Posted by coyota1 View Post
Do you know the manufacture of the JC Penny gun?
Ok, I've just seen and subscribed to this thread so I can read it thoroughly later. Obviously I haven't read it all, so please forgive me if the question has been answered. Also, let me be clear, I am just speculating.

The manufacturer very likely was Mossberg, with the final assembly being done by Century Arms out of St. Louis. Century Arms would buy various Mossberg parts, overstock and discontinued, then put them together and sell them through outlets like Penney's, Montgomery Ward, Sears, etc. Most often they were "hybrids" (we won't say mutts) containing parts from several different years and models.

If you Google for Mossberg History, you will come across a historical group run by a husband/wife team who have a fantastic amount of knowledge on the subject. (They are helping me identify the peculiar type of peep sights my grandfather's .22 had on it; a "hybrid" from 1930-35 on which I learned to shoot). The rifle still shoots great.

I'll post more when I have the opportunity and if it is still appropriate.


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