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I've purchased two Taurus revolvers; the 608, 8 shot 357 mag (which I liked) and the 922, 9 shot 22 revolver (which I didn't like). Both revolvers were exceedingly dirty new in the box. In fact I would have to say they were the dirtiest new handguns I have ever purchased. The 608 cleaned up well and worked well. I would recommend it to others. The 922 was purchased for my wife to get her into shooting. She hated it because the trigger pull was so stiff. She even had a difficult time cocking the hammer to fire in single action. Taurus customer service said it just needed to have a few hundred rounds fired through it and would loosen up. We tried that and it didn't help. I ended up just trading it in on another firearm. I have given the 608 to my son, who likes it very much and considers it his main "house gun". The general consensus, among the shooters I know, is that Taurus makes decent revolvers but their semi-autos tend to have problems.
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