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Usually I can tell from the blood itself, if there's enough of it, where the bullet struck. Lung blood is fairly distinctive, as is blood from a gut shot. And since I usually did the shooting on what I'm tracking, I know where the bullet should have hit. If your hold was steady, you'll know where those crosshairs were when the rifle fired. I swear that I can close my eyes right now and see where the crosshairs were on a monster buck that I 'nicked' over 20 years ago. Huge buck with tall white antlers. I saw him the same instant he saw me and I smoothly put the crosshairs on him (offhand at about 100 yards or so) and squeezed, but the crosshairs were right on the top of his back when the gun fired. I found blood and hair, but I knew that I had just nicked him. Tracked him over a mile till the drops of blood disappeared. It's the misses I have the sharpest memories of. Darn it.
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