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6.5-06 Hard to find data for

I just returned from a trip to the range. Loaded some loads I got from Handloader, May-June 1988 #133. These were the 125 grain Nosler Partition over 55 grains IMR 4831 like in the article and used a CCI200 Match primer. Don't know what they used? Were pretty accurate for first run through. Made these from necked down .270 Winchester in Winchester brass. Will try a few in the heavier brass (less internal volume) that I have. Didn't have to neck turn one single case although I have the neck turning tool ready to go. No turning necessary with Lake City .30-06 '68-'69-'72-"81 either.

Rifle is a M98 Mauser with swastika on action and a 24" bbl. Was a trial run for deer hunting next week. After deer season, will break out the chrony & check out these loads.

Would appreciate any loads you folks have come up with. Thought I would offer up this bit of info that has proved useful to me.
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