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May I suggest LE trade-ins. Check your local gun stores to see if they handle LE/Corrections Officer trade-ins. I've purchased two 9mm's, a S&W 3913 and SigSauer P229 for $330.00 and $500.00. Both have worked flawlessly and I still own them. Now, keep in mind such a firearm has been holstered, used and maybe abused. But, they will shoot and have not had thousands of rounds down the barrel. For required police qualification purposes they may have 250 + or - rounds fired a year. Common makers are Glock, S&W and SigSauer. Now, if you're a nice shiny and cosmetically concerned gun person, forget looking at LE trade-ins. But, remember a proper hardy cleaning can do wonders. If you elect to buy a revolver, I recently saw a couple S&W M10, 38 specials for $200.00. They were from a local corrections facility. Good luck.
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