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I can appreciate the 45ACP. It packs a solid punch especially in a double stack magazine. It's what I qualified with on the pistol range back in the 70's limited to the single stack of that era. I bought a 45ACP in the form of an XD pistol. Did not get the best scores with it since it took longer to get back on target during timed shooting events. I also had trouble getting on target quickly using weak hand only. When it came time for me to sell off some handguns, that XD-45 was retained. I did sell some Glocks: a 17L, 34, 26, and a 40 cal G22. After I got on my feet, and had some income, and to be fair to the Glock 9mm owners, I did buy a gen4 G-34 to replace the older G-34 that was sold. So I am agreement with those that see a place and purpose for both, a 9mm and a 45 ACP.
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