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Originally Posted by siska View Post
loaders are a huge waste of your time and money. After Xmas, Ebay always has lots of NIB or slightly used Lee master progressive loaders, for about $200, and they load 800 rds a minute. Add the bullet feeding accessory and they'll average 1000 rds per minute. They have a built in powder measure, and many have at least one set of dies, and Lee dies are inexpensive, anyway. That beats the hell out of having $200+ in a single station press, dies, and powder measure, which load only 150 rds per hour. Your spare time can be making you $20 an hour, or more, so why waste it on a single station press?
No. Not for a beginner. My mentor has a single stage press. That is what I'm learning on. He and I load rifle cartridges together, and I'm very particular with those, especially charge weights. In time I will go progressive. And one other thing, your post answered NONE of my questions.

RC20- they chamber in my barrel just like factory.

Everybody- here are pics of the pulled bullets: the first one I made is on the right, and the second one on the left. The second one has less "crimp" to it. So I have to back the die off some yet as both bullets got a new waistline. And are marked up pretty good.

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