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It rotates very easily but the actual force required depends upon how tight the jam nut is. You can tighten it down so it won't turn at all.

The sleeve under the turret has four holes. In the turret there is a spring loaded ball bearing that rides into these holes like a detent when the turret is positioned properly.

When I made the turret for the 7/8th dies, I did not try to get that fancy.

The way I load, I can't use a progressive press. I set the press for expanding (as an example) and go through all of the cases I intend to load in the session. Then to seating them all and crimping them all and so forth. So I will set up the press with the turret in the right position, lock it down with the jam nut and let'er rip.

Just out of pure luck, I was able to get the center hole in the turret I made to be very precise. It is as smooth as the original turret. The die holes are pretty good as well except for one which is slightly off. I may find when I start using it, that I actually have three holes instead of four.

I went to the gun show today and picked up the .357 dies set I need and some primers. TomADC was kind enough to send me some brass so as soon as I can come up with the tools I need to make the shell holders, I'll be in business with the press.

(Still need a crimp die, a bullet sizer luber and a mold.)

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