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OK, range report for today.

Fired 100 rounds of dreaded WWB 115 gr., 100 rounds of Federal 115 gr FMJ, and 50 rounds of PPU 115 gr FMJ.

Towards the last of the Winchesters, I had 2 FTE, however, at that point I realized that I had not lubed the gun after I got it back. Put some Tetra Grease on the rails and went back to shooting.

Towards the last of the Federals, I had 1 FTE, my grip wasn't as firm as it should of been, so I'm not sure if that one was the gun or me.

PPUs fired without a hitch.

So is it fixed or not? I would have liked to have had NO malfunctions, but I'm not sure at this point. The three FTEs today could possibly have been due to my errors, or perhaps there is an issue aside from the extractor.

I need to shoot it some more. I feel it has been quite reliable with the heavier weight bullets, but think a few more need to go down range before I completely trust it.

A couple more boxes of 115 grain loads without any shooter induced problems should let me know if they are going to continue to be a problem as well. At least they are working better than they were at first.

Gun still shoots a little to the left for me, but after I got home from the range, the sight tool that I ordered was waiting in the mail box, so that issue will soon be corrected.

I just didn't like the stock grips, so I got some G10s from Spresser Knife Works. They are slightly thicker than stock (.20" compared to .16") but taper toward the edges to give the grip a much nicer feeling oval shape as opposed to a 1 x 2. I think the gray in them also complements the silver colored controls also.

I'm still having mixed feelings about this gun- frustrated with the problems, but love shooting it. Out from about 15 yards today, I had to hold off to compensate for the sights not being adjusted for me, but when I ignored them for some point shooting drills, I was regularly nailing clay targets, no sweat.

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