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BS on all of that crap. It aint a toy. If it has any issues get rid of it, You can not bet your life on something that does not work. That includes the GEN4 GLOCK. They dont work right either. I have a Glock GEN3 shot it with all kinds of ammo and never missed a beat. Hell thats one reason you pay $1 a round for defence ammo. GET WHAT WORKS!!!!!
Actually, it HAS worked flawlessly with all ammo other than 115 grain loads. My main carry gun is, and will continue to be, a Gen 3 Glock 26. I've had 4 Glocks, and out of thousands of rounds fired, I believe I only had 2 malfunctions total. They are extremely reliable in my experience. HOWEVER, there have been issues with various models of Glocks in various generations. A particular specimen can have issues.

If it is something that can be easily corrected, I'm OK with that, no need to dump it. On the other hand, if I have a gun that has continuous issues, I certainly wouldn't rely on it for self defense. If it is more trouble than its worth, I get rid of it. If I like it otherwise, I may just keep it and and it may just be a (range) toy after all.
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