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Re posts 2659 and 2650 and accompanying news items, dealing with the "termination" of BATFE Whistleblower Vince Cefalu, the following might interest some here.

Yesterday afternoon, on NPR, I heard a segment discussing whistle blowing, the people who engage in this activity both in private industry and in government, government employees blowing the whistle, and what all to often happens with government employees, who blow the whistle on legitimate problems.

They, the whistle blowers often end up being fired, the people responsible for the problems the whistle blowers exposed are often promoted, action against responsible individuals is almost never brought, which is to say that while criminal prosecution of responsible parties is appropriate, it almost never happens, while the person who brought the problem to the attention of "government" is essentially punished, the fact that they might receive a monetary award being beside the point, for they are often renderedeed "unemployable", and might well end up never working in their field again.

The discussion included, as I recall, attorneys from both sides. Seems as if the fate of Mr.Cefalu might go quite some distance in support of the contentions inherent in the segment. Unfortunately, I do not recall which program this segment was part of, it was however broadcast yesterday.
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