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I use Prvi PPU 150 gr softpoints as a source of brass..... around 80 cents /ea off the shelf at Cabela's for loaded ammo and is a bit more than the milsurp stuff, but is not corrosive, not magnetic, and reloadable.

Now if I can just find a good source of inexpensive .311 Sierra Gamekings...... Cabela's wants 32 bucks/100!
I found a great place for brand new Lapua brass! $30 per 100! So far I've bought 300 of them.

As for lead a while back Wideners had .311" 150 grain FMJBT pulls on sale for $153 for 2500 shipped. I bought like 3 of them and have been running on those for a long, long time. Too bad, I'm finally getting low and they have them no more! I did find a place that sells a 1000 .310" 150 grainers for $125 + shipping.
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