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Thanks for asking our advice. Welcome to the forum and to reloading.

One caution. Bullseye is one of the most energy-dense (by weight and by volume) powders, so be as precise as you can with your charge weights. Weighing each and every charge would be advisable until you verify that your measure is dropping consistent charges.

When I started loading I would drop a charge that I knew to be lighter than desired. Then I would pour the charge into my scale's pan, trickle enough powder to come up to weight and pour the powder from the pan back into the casing.

I managed 50 rounds an hour, but had absolute confidence my charges were all the same. And I confirmed what level of confidence to give my powder measure.

Good luck.

Lost Sheep

p,s, if you load in batches of 50 (a loading block is good for this and only costs about $7 or you can make one yourself) you can charge all 50 cases and then shine a light into all of them and see that the depth of powder is the same in all the cases.

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