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Haven't gotten time to sight it in however...

There is a fireball marker on it I'm not sure the barrel was replaced.

SUPER trade for some paintball guns

We still need you TO GIVE US THE DATE! on the barrel (the detail guys are dying of curiosity) . The fireball is an ordnance Flaming Bomb. Date is right under that. X-4X (more likely X-43 or 44)

Yep, nice to have experts who can nail the front sight as non OEM to the receiver (not me!)

More or less the way the 1903s are going (of all persuasion) even a drilled receiver is going to be worth some good money.

That can be changed, it will never be original, but for a reconstruction its ok.

The 1921 era receivers are really getting rare, drilled or not.

With the barrel changed, it drops value for the collector package, but the receiver retains its value.

And regardless its a very nice sporter
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