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The other uses same brass and primers along with the Horandy 150gr RNSP loaded over 50grs of IMR-4350. Another thumper load which has been used to drop plenty of hogs on the spot. Again, nothing fancy or barn burning, but VERY effective and easy on the shoulder and ears. It will also, like the 160gr RN loads from a 6.5x55, reach out and do things way beyond your initial conception of how things should be. Must be something about those long slim bullets....
Other than the bullet that's what I have been working around.

I will say that finding out where the ogive of a specific bullet meets the rifling is the single most important improvement you can make (far exceeds primers and brass and other magic) as well as neck size vs full size (there is a contention the neck size works one part of the brass and weakens it and I am not a adherent to that but its subject to a lot of opinions and I will not say its wrong though some highly respected people do)

We have a Sako that simply does not like factory ammo, but with a custom COAL (I won't publish that as its unique to each and copy cat can cause severe damage) it shot a sub MOA.

That is with a Speer 150 flat base spitzer. Good hunting round, not necessarily a range tack driver. Not much for tack drivers for hunting. 1.5 MOA is more than good enough for hunting, a bit sub MOA is wonderful confidence wise but real world game shooting is never that.

Non hunting bench rest is fun to see what you can do and I will. Then you can play with the COAL gauge a bit more even and fine tune a round.

As for Sure Shot Mc Gee:

That said, I don't care what the age of the gun, running into the 3200 fps with a 270 is downright dangerous.

Not even the old books did that, 130 gr or not.

Also while IMR 4350 is a great powder its not one that shoots the fastest (highest pressure) safe loads in the books (RL22, N160, H4831sc, W760 would be the ones that move a bullet fastest at safe pressures).

That is also guaranteed to shoot out a good barrel in short order.

And the statement "a not a iota more or less is disingenuous". It may shoot well exactly there in YOUR rifle, but not come close in another.

The brass may or may not mater depending on the gun. Federal is good brass, so is Nossler, Lapua and RP. Winchester brass currently had taken a turn for the worst, but the older brass is good.

There is no magic formula. There are good combination that seem to work across the spectrum for a given caliber so are good to start with. IMR-4350 is definitely one of those for the 270 (and 30-06). It may or may not be the perfect one, but it is very likely to get you a good load and that may be good enough.

IMR-4350 shoots clean, unlike W760 so I am not fond of W760. Have not played with the other newer ones (W760 is an older one but did not shoot it back then so do not know if its worse now).

There is no such thing as minimum length tolerance. There is a Case Trim Length specification and for the 270 that is 2.530. Often new brass exceeds it, occasionally it comes in less (that's a manufacture out of tolerance not a specification)

And Hooligan 1 shares this with us: Note that his COAL is wrong, its barely longer than max case lngh (.3XX). Someone should have called him on that. It says something about the authors when they did not. As near as I can tell (Nossler book is deficient in it does not list COAL for at least a bullet size like others it should be around 3.340 specification for Max COAL.

Here's my load: 53 grns H4350, CCI 200 LR primer, Hornady Brass, 130 grn Accubond, COAL 2.856. this is a one hundred yd target.
You indeed are on dangerous ground when you start using information that is not in a book (or develop your loads based on the book).

This forum is a good source of general ideas and direction, but ALWAYS check your book for data (and better yet more than one book, there are some rare errors in those some times). All the fun and money saved goes right out the window when the gun blows up, so check my facts as well.

If using old powders use old books, the new powders under same name change.
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