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qoute:Wonder if the recoil buffer could be there for other reasons

Beg to differ WALT,

The HKP9S 9mm specifically uses the same type recoil buffer as the 45. It is listed in the official HKP9S factory weapons manual.The kick lies in the delayed blowback opening mechanism which is non adjustable to pressure variances between different ammunition types.In a 1911 for example, the barrel and breech will recoil as a unit and remain firmly closed for a short distance while the pressure drops, until the barrel is disengaged and swings downward to allow the breech to ride backwards and cycle.

In the Heckler the action is directly backwards and unlocking is immediate and only slowed down by rollers riding in camtrails,in a bolt carrier, which engages a seperate bolt and releases it as it moves backwards.THis results in a more violent opening and quicker slide movement.

Hence the need for recoil buffers.
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