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Inherited Springfield 1903 - General Questions

Hello all, new to the community.

I recently inherited a Springfield 1903 from my father, and I thought I'd upload some pictures and get some opinions. The serial number isn't scratched out, I just smudged it on photoshop. It is 343XXX.

There is a lot out there about receiver failures in this rifle, it seems as though this rifle is in the safe range, can anyone confirm?

Also, I was wondering if anyone could explain the various stamps to me.

Finally, I would never sell this rifle, but I am curious to know the value. From the little research I did it seems that this is a fairly common gun. I believe it is in pretty good shape (If I'm wrong, please tell me), any idea on an approx. value?

Any other information/comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone, and look forward to the responses.

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