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The LC9 fits in my pocket. Personally, I want my next pocket 9mm will be smaller, not bigger than the LC9. The Shield is slightly longer and taller than the LC9. It also weighs a little more.

I really like a number of things about the Shield, but why...WHY couldn't they make it smaller than the LC9 - even by a few millimeters??? Yes, this makes a huge difference to me! No matter how good the features or trigger is, the Shield just won't work for my purposes. I don't care how accurate the Shield is; how good the trigger is; what stupid safety features it doesn't have (that the Ruger has) - if it ain't smaller (like Diamondback DB9 smaller), it's technology wasted.

The Ruger is smaller, lighter, exceptionally reliable and accurate enough at defensive ranges. If S&W would have made it smaller, the Shield would made it to the top of my list of "gotta have" guns. But, SIZE MATTERS!
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