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Hammer Strut Bridge replacement - Marlin Camp 9

Well I replaced the hammer strut. A lot easier than I had originally thought.

1. Lay assembly flat on work area (to make sure right sideplate does not come off.
Essentially you have to remove the retaining ring (part # 30) from the left sideplate by slipping it off from the post.

1a. IMPORTANT. Only do this if the hammer strut, spring and bridge are not in the gun. Otherwise the hammer strut spring will fly off and you may lose hammer strut spring and strut bridge. If you are just replacing hammer strut bridge and it is still in the assembly place a paper clip in the small hole at the end of the bridge strut which will retain the spring when you release the hammer strut in the next one or two steps.

2. Then carefully remove left side plate by applying steady upward pressure. Should come off easily.

3. Hammer most likely is held captive by the sear (should be silver looking piece). You will need to lift gently up on the sear and push up lightly on the hammer which should move upward, almost to a perpendicular position to the left and right sides.

4. Place hammer strut spring over hammer strut and compress spring by placing paper clip in the hole at the end of the hammer strut. You may need some help as it is 3 hand job.

5. Place hammerstrut bridge tab in the right sideplate of the assembly. Place other end of hammer strut in the groove on the hammer.

6. Place left sideplate back on the assembly.

7. Push back down on hammer so it compressed the hammer strut spring until the hammer locks under the sear. At this point there should be no pressure on the paper clip. Remove paper clip.

8. Put the retaining ring off that you removed in first step.

Congratulations! You should now have a complete trigger assembly. Finish putting carbine back together.

Warning: I am not a professional just a enthusiast trying to help others who have had similar problems. If anybody has a better way to do this please post to topic and I will amend my post.

I am almost done with images. I will either amend this post or reply to it. This should make things clear.
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