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Originally Posted by MJ1
We didn't see an issued scoped M14 till around May '68. I was in Dak To and a 4th Inf. guys was loading up with up us and had the ART scoped M14. I asked him about it and was told it was issued to him at the 4th Div. sniper school on Pleiku just weeks before. didn't get to ask more as he was ranging out the side door as we took off of in the Chinook.

I used a 4X30 German for a time and settled on the old Leupold M3LR for my '81.
May '68, Pleiku, 4th Inf, Chinook. Were you with the 243rd? "Freight Train" out of Camp Holloway?

I think I still have some of that red dust on me. In the mornings after rain the roads had mud six inches deep, by mid afternoon it had dried to red dust, like shifted flour a foot deep.

As far as a scope for the M1A I think it depends on what range you well be shooting. I've had a 4-14, a fixed 10X and now a 6.5-22. The 4-14 was great for all around shooting. The SWFA 10X was the best for range estimating, it was also the lightest and most compact. The 6.5-22 is like having young eyes again.
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