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Lots of good advice above, but as a user of the Lee Autodisk you need to be aware of it's limitations with metering flake powders such as Bullseye and Unique. These types of powders can sometimes "bridge" or bind up and cause erratic powder drops, especially in the 3.0-4.5gr range.

Also, you can't just look at the powder disk setting sheet that came with the Autodisk or take advice off of a forum and start cranking out rounds. Something I have done that has been a real time saver in the long run is to test your powder drop with a scale and write down the results for reference. For example, after running through 10 or so charges to make sure the system is primed, throw and weigh another 10 charges. Write down the Minimum, Maximum, and Average powder drop for that powder disk setting then move onto the next size hole. That should help speed things along when you want to try out a different charge.

Another important step when loading is to verify the powder charge with a scale after every 5th or 10th round to make sure things are staying consistent. This is in addition to visually checking EVERY case to make sure that it has about the right amount of powder (not empty, not a double charge). Personally, if I was loading near max I would be weighing every charge which pretty much negates the efficiency of a progressive setup.

One last piece of unsolicited advice. You might want to consider a different powder considering the limitations of the Autodisk. I used to use Unique (which has even bigger flakes) but got tired of getting inconsistent throws. I switched to HP38 (same as W231) which is a ball powder and is EXTREMELY consistent within +/-0.1gr.
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