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2" or under @ 50 yards accurate?

The best of my bunch - the CZ75b - on a good day - can do,,maybe,,4" @ 50 yards.
Both the HP's struggle to even do that.

& like I said above - trying to find a 124 grain lead bullet load that would even begin to allow that was so frustrating I simply gave up on the idea.

OTOH - both my Kimber's and my Colt Commander can shoot around the 2" @ 50 yard mark without a lot of trouble & putting together a 230 gr lead bullet load for them was super easy - thanks to the decades of handloaders that came before me that shared their data.

This would of course be from a rest for both the 9mm Luger and the .45acp.

Again - even though I dislike the term "combat accurate", a 5 or 6 inch spread @ 50 yards (IMHO) is more than adequate for a pistol intended for "combat".

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