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I had a few issues with my 809 and my 738. I went to my local UPS shipping place and was told that firearms HAD to be shipped 2nd day air by law. Okay. How much? $75 per gun. I immediately called Taurus customer service when I arrived at work. They told me NO PROBLEM,they e-mailed me 2 pre-paid shipping labels within 15 minutes and I sent the guns off the next day.
That means they owe me $65, and I will bash them for the rest of my life until they pay me back.

I guess I should have been more assertive at the time but I was so mad.......
But I have a life time membership to bash Taurus, USA.
I think they are still in business for two reason's. Some of there gun are reliable, the others are not shot enough to prove otherwise. Test fired (Good enough) by poor cheap ignorant people about guns overall.

300 38spl ($$$$ time, money, gas, range fee's, and frustration also driving down to the ghetto were it's illegal to have firearms UPS off of MLK BLV) wasted rounds to prove my gun was broke. One shot did it, the first .357 shot of .357 in a .357 after 300 38spl's.
At least they sent me a new gun. I put 5 wheels of full power .357s through it, now it seems ok, but I wonder, once bitten twice shy.
LSS, I replecd it with a Ruger SP101, and that was before "I" broke the gun.

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