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It used to be that shows either provided lower prices from lower overhead or selection of items you couldn't find locally, or saving of shipping charges for heavy stuff like ammo and bullets. Now, most tables price that back in so the prices are about the same as what you would pay over the Internet with shipping.
Been noodling on this a while. I have become pretty good friends with my LGS owner and we have talked about store vs show vs internet pricing.

Volume sales is the only thing that affects HIS purchase price. And it doesn't take too many units to start getting a decent discount from his distributor price.

And he passes that on to his customers.

He told me that if the gun is under $500 HIS cost, he adds $50 for his asking price. Under $1000, $75 and $100 for anything over $1000. 10% margin isn't much when you look at his overhead.

So as far pricing goes, supply/demand drives the price. And we all know that demand is at an all-time high. I'm wondering if gun show pricing has gone up, LGS has come down or the fact that competition has closed the gap between them?
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