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Originally Posted by Fullthrottle
Very nice looking rounds Josh. How do they perform?

Also I did not know you were on this forum.

AKA Bigtwin(from calguns)
Oh, I'm all over. I started on the original firearms boards back when the Internet was new, and as the boards diverged I've signed up to each of them trying to stay where friends went. Now I'm in more places than I can manage and my orbits are taming down.

Originally Posted by Archie
What sort of critters do they get?
Which critters? Any of 'em that may need killin' around here. I live in the country and figure it will work from coyotes on down. Looks like most of the feral hog population has stopped a bit south, Southern Indiana/Northern Kentucky, but they'll get here eventually. Probably end up giving it a +P punch when they become a real threat. I have ground out back they'd root up given the chance. Prime hog wallow that serves deer at this point.

If we're talking primarily two-legged critters, I figure these should work just fine, but I carry Gold Dots and switch out when I go to town. I doubt it would be an issue here as we generally concentrate on whether the shooting was needed, but there's always a chance that some lawyer from over in Illinois might have migrated here, I guess.

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