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I haven't giving up on any cartridge, instead I've grown to start appreciating the 9mm more... I've finally come to appreciate the 9mm for the cartridge it is.

I think the "awakening" so to speak of more and more shooters to the 9mm in terms of overall practicality is now more evident than ever. Always has been the case in Europe but in the U.S. it has taken a while not necessarily to sell but to achieve the "respect" it had been lacking for a some-time now (maybe climaxing with the heavily criticized Miami FBI/Bank Robber shootout which resulted in revolutionary changes to its very core load designs).

Personally it suits my taste in several respects 1) price for such a practical caliber 2) pistol/carbine compatibility of which I utilize in my planning 3) Incredible advancements in ammo design IMO culminating, for example, in Hornady's Critical Duty line of ammo specifically designed to meet or exceed all of the mandated FBI ballistic testing.

YMMV but I say if you have been on the fence with respect to the 9mm, reconsider by doing some contemporary research as things have changed perhaps since the last time you took a gander...
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