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Christy's Law

The husband of one of the victims of the "Seal Beach Massacre" is trying to pass "Christy's Law" named after his late wife. She was working at a hair salon when the husband of another worker came in and murdered eight people because of a heated divorce and custody battle. This was one year ago today and the murderer is still awaiting trial.
This proposed law would allow someone involved in a divorce or custody battle to request the other party be denied the ability to buy a gun and have their currently owned guns confiscated. The details are kind of vague but it seems if one party feels threatened they can get the court to order the denial of rights on the word of the spouse. So to put it plainly, if you're involved in a divorce in California you would have to surrender your guns. How many of you think that if your wife wanted to get back at you, she would hit you where it hurts by making false claims? Especially if she didn't need to prove anything, just on her word.
The murder suspect had previously had his guns confiscated by the police because of a suicide attempt and he apparently made violent threats to his wife and others and then had his guns returned, I would think that these would be better reasons to deny someone the possesion of guns but that's not what this law would require. I really feel for the loss of this poor mans wife but more bad laws is the last thing we need. If anyone knows more or has any input I'd like to hear it.
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