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I have a couple of them. I have a 327 mag revolver. I like it allot. Very accurate for a snubby. Although I will say it is not a GP100. Very heavy 100 gr 327 mag loads are hard on it.
But it cost a 3rd what a GP costs. I shoot stout enough
85gr xtp/2400 loads.It performs well enough.

Have a Taurus.380 auto. Has a wide chamber that shoots LEE 105 gr .358 swc real well.
Again its not a Colt Mustang and at about 1/4 of that cost it performs well enough.

Also have a Rossi ( Now owned by Taurus) M92 .357 mag lever gun.
I like this gun allot. The 1 in 30 twist does hamper it when it comes to heavier bullets. 158 gr at 50 yards is about it.
180 gr swc and you would be lucky to hit a 8 inch paper plate at 50 yards. They just wont stabilize at those weights.
I know I have tried for a year to get them to fly.
125 gr is the nitch for this gun I can make a big jagged hole with it at 100 yards. Again works well enough but is not a Marlin with a 1-16 twist for hogs And that is saying some thing because Marlin has went down the pooper since they got bought out.

I guess the moral for Taurus is " Works well enough" Wouldn't be the gun you would buy if you could buy the one you want. But they work well enough.So you can buy all the guns you want.
Believe me I have used and owned allot worse than Taurus.

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