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I haven't giving up on any cartridge, instead I've grown to start appreciating the 9mm more. Way back when I first started shooting handguns and reloading for them, it was the 44 mag and 45acp. It was a macho thing, I guess. Loved the recoil, the muzzle blast the whole nine yards. I was even disapointed with my first 357, didn't kick like the 44 mag did. I've since matured a little and now own handguns in about every caliber. And while I've always owned a 9mm or two, I just never thought they could hold a candle to the bigger 40+ caliber guns. And while I almost always carry concealed a 45, I've been known to slip on a 9mm and even a 380 LCP. At the range I'm shooting almost as much 9mm as 45. I still shoot some 44 specials in my carry revolvers, but the super redwawk rarely gets out to the range anymore. I've finally come to appreciate the 9mm for the cartridge it is.
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