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For all the Taurus bashers out there.

Taurus is definately improving their game. At least in my experience. I'll try to hit the high points and keep this as brief as I can.

I had a few issues with my 809 and my 738. I went to my local UPS shipping place and was told that firearms HAD to be shipped 2nd day air by law. Okay. How much? $75 per gun. I immediately called Taurus customer service when I arrived at work. They told me NO PROBLEM,they e-mailed me 2 pre-paid shipping labels within 15 minutes and I sent the guns off the next day. Unfortunately it was Friday afternoon,which means they wouldn't actually be shipped until Monday,Sept. 24. Taurus received them on Wed,Sept. 26.

I just got both of them back this week. One on Monday,Oct. 8 and one yesterday Oct. 11. All repaired and good to go. They replaced the magazines for my 809 and they replaced the take-down/disassembly pin and worn out slide catch on my 738. All on their dime. And all within 14-17 days;to Taurus,repaired and back to my house. Now,how's that guys??
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