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The old krag is a sweet shooting rifle. Action is very smooth and has a solid feel. Side magazine is a bit different, but easy to use. Not much to dislike about the old warhorse. It was the first military cartridge to be converted to smokless powder. I was known as the the .30 U.S.

Many were purchaced and sporterized for hunting. I have 2. One in original and one that was sporterized for me when I was young. It was my first deer rifle.

Dont sell this cartridge short. It has taken a lot of game. Balisticly it is about the same as the 7.62x54R which is quite capable of taking deer, elk, moose, and bear at reasonable range. Loaded with 220 gr rn, it is a real thumper. Usually 150 gr is used for deer, 180, for elk, and 220 for moose and bear. My Uncle used it exclusively for hunting for over 50 years. Heart shots seemed to be his specialty. Since he is gone, his grandson hunts with it and is successful.
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