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The only thing I buy at gun shows is reloading supplies because I can get them cheaper then shipping to me, no haz-mat fees. Maybe small parts such as screws, etc. New guns at the show near me are always higher then MSR. Used guns are priced near new. Ammo is outrageously high. But I go just for a good laugh at the prices, and if I’m thinking of buying a new gun, the gun show is a good place to see touch and feel something. Then I go to a shop to buy.

The gun shows in my area are just that, "shows". The days of finding really good deals everytime you go is just about over. It seems like more and more they are only interested in showing off their collections instead of actually trying to sell anything. The sellers wont budge on prices and if you tell them their prices are higher then the store down the street, you get the usual: "then don't buy it", or "go buy it there", or they just shrug and walk away. I understand they need to make money but come on!

The last show I went to, a guy was selling a used Ruger 10/22 for $250. The store across the street had them for $205, new, and in stock! Seriously, why would you pay $250 for used when you could save $45 and buy new? I just don't understand their reasoning. Only thing I can think of is pure greed.

My absolute favorite at the shows has got to be the WWII 1911s. The prices on those make me laugh everytime. There always seems to be 1 or 2 guys there asking between $11,000 - $18,000 for some really beat up non number matching pistols. Gotta love the modern gun shows.
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