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Well...I got back from a work related trip this evening and the stock had arrived.

I do think it is black walnut and the parts from my T/C Hawken 50 do fit but as I expected, the stock will need a wee bit of fine sanding in places for a perfect fit.

Now here is why I'm bummed out...the stock would have been perfect except the seller did not pack the stock in a box with proper packing. It was wrapped in bubble wrap and then wrapped in brown paper and sent USPS Priority mail. (...not in a box...)

The bottom rear of the stock is chipped and I'm PO'ed big time!!

Sorry the pictures aren't better but hopefully you all can see them. It's not as bad as a cracked stock would be but I'm totally bummed...

What would you do?? Try and fix it...I don't know...I'm so p!$$ed off I can't deal with it anymore tonight...I really thought I found a great deal and all because it wasn't packed good... I have another defect stock...oh well
(I wish he had sold the thing as a complete rifle...I wonder where the "Pro550" came from too...the stock has the letter K inside which I thought meant it was a kit...)

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