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Soooo, How do I adjust the die and measure the bumping of the neck. Thats all kind of new to me really. I just put the die in until it meets then screw in a quarter of a turn. How do I measure the bump of the shoulder? How do I adjust accordingly?
It has been my experience, most FL re-sizing dies are made to bring the case back to a specified size and and head space when it is set up like the instructions say, the ram contact and 1/8th turn thing.

The problem with that is there are differences in rifles and dies, I have one 30-06 rifle that is a little finicky, even with factory new ammo, the head space is just a tad loose, still within spec, but not perfect.

I also have two or maybe even three different 30-06 FL sizing dies, my Redding puts cases for this rifle right on the money if you set it for contact on the shell holder, another Pacific Durachrome die will push the shoulder back a bit if set up that way, yet that is how the instructions say to set it up, this die is set up with several thousanths of an inch between the shell holder and the die.
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