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Either British .303, or some really cheap gunpowder. It must be impossible for Tula or other Russian producers to earn a decent profit on Berdan-primed .303, as they do with such 7.62x39.

What most shooters don't realize is that a Brit/Euro "arms control" organization has a website which describes tax money spent to persuade various nations to destroy stockpiles of both military rifles and ammo-not just AK-47s etc.
I forgot to bookmark the site.

An Aussie guy has a friend in South Africa. About two years ago the friend walked into a gun shop in South Africa.
He witnessed the staff-under govt. orders-destroying both L. Enfield bolt action rifles and Brens.

As to why the British and Euro socialist politicians are so fearful that war lords or criminals want obsolete, full-length, heavy rifles from WW2 baffles me....until I remember that those types of politicians don't use logic. They only prey on their subjects' ignorance by using inflammatory, vague, emotional rhetoric.
The Antonov 12 (NATO designation "Cub") turboprops flying around Africa crewed by Russians, Ukrainians etc must be carrying many crates of those clunky, obsolete bolt-action rifles....
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