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How much do you train?

I think you need to ask yourself the same thing I did. How often am I willing to train with my Concealed Carry gun? I think semi autos are great in the hands of an expert when it comes to defending yourself, the capacity is usually a bit more and in the case of the LCP be a bit more compact. The problem lies in the inherent relative complexity of the Semi auto. You have to worry about whether or not a round is chambered or is the safety on. If you are using a revolver, you just draw, point and shoot, from any angle and can even fire from a jacket pocket in the case of the hammerless LCR You don't need to worry about stove piping and having to clear the firearm while a bad person attacks you.
What most of us forget is when attacked we will be in the midst of the most unimaginable chaos. I really don't think the average gun owner trains enough in the tactics of self defense and gun handling, I'm sure lots of TFL members probably do but do not represent the majority of gun loaners. I shoot on a weekly basis but do not think I train enough to be considered an expert. I prescribe to the K.I.SS. principle (point and shoot) and as a result chose the LCR. It's in my pocket right now and I feel it is compact enough, very comfortable as a matter of fact. I also like the idea of the extra wallop of the .38spl HP round vs. the .380 HP
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