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The weakest link in the accuracy chain is generally the shooter- I know that is the case with me.

Sight your rifle in off a shooting bench with a rest using whatever flavor of expanding ammo you like.... so long as you can get it to group under 2 or 3 inches at 100 yards (should be simple, as nearly all new hunting rifles can do this, unless there is a serious scope/sight issue)...... and then the hard part: shooting up to that standard that you set from the bench, just without the bench.

Three inches at 100 yards is roughly 3MOA, and that sounds HORRIBLE, right?

3 MOA is roughly a 9 inch circle at 300 yards, and if YOU can hold to that with your .270 from field positions, then Bambi does not stand a chance, as his boiler room is bigger than that by a couple of inches. Any commercial 130 grain load that you can group into 3", zeroed 3" high at 100, will allow you to center punch bambi with no holdover to 300..... put the crosshairs at the bottom 1/3 of his chest on close shots, center hold for 200-ish, and top edge for 300.

So to the original question: There being not a lot of time before the season opens to develop a good handload (but plenty of time for next year!), get whatever is inexpensive, easily available and will group under 3" ..... the important part is you putting in enough practice from field positions under field conditions to shoot up to your rifle, at ranges you anticipate shooting at....... We (kids and I) shoot at gallon milk jugs full of water at various distances (50 to 400) before deer season every year, after zeroing the rifles.... I would not waste a whole lot of money buying the 35+ dollar a box stuff when you can buy the plain jain Winchester Super-X stuff for half that ..... twice the practice would be a much better use of resources than the tiny bit of added performance the premium stuff might add.

P.S.- I am astounded at the price of factory ammo these days..... I have been handloading my hunting ammo for a long while now.... the last factory .270 WIN I bought was $12.99.... I can reload better, more accurate ammo than the premium stuff ( launching a 150gr SGK at 2950 f/sec for a 1.25" 100 yard group- and that from a rifle nearly as old as my dad) for less than that.... don't think of that as 1/3 of the cost, though- it's 3X the live fire trigger time!
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