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Parts are around for less money. I dont recall where, but theres a forum that has an area that included 310 stuff, and likely Tru Line.

I've bought a number of parts pretty reasonable. Usually at gun shows. One box had 3 or 4 compete die sets, and 3 partial die sets, several adapters for 310 to normal presses, and some priming parts. I think I paid $45 for the box, tho the dies needed a little tlc. Pawn shops and old gun shops often have 310 stuff around and will often sell cheap. I don't remember what I paid for my tru line press, but it was probably about $30-$40 with a set of dies I believe.

I think I generally pay about $1-$5 for parts like priming rams and shell holder adapters. If they want too much, I make an offer, if it's more than I want to pay, I move on,...

Theres a shop that deals in 310 stuff. It was bought several years ago, and the prices went way up. I did business with the old guy a few times, but can't get used to the new improved prices.

Anybody need a complete new/old 310 set up in 30-06? I have a spare set in the box.
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