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I'm trying to get away from steel case as much as possible and still keep shooting. I was running some Tula thru my ACR (really just trying to get rid of it bc I have some m193 surplus now) and the bolt literally tore a section of the case head off. The primer was good so the round fired but I had to stop shooting and run a rod down the barrel to pop the case out of the chamber. I had spent about 500rds of the same batch of ammo with no failures other than a stovepipe but this IMO is unsat.

Once this crap is gone I wont buy it again. I will continue to run The Herter's thru my M1A (I know, I know, it's bad but it keeps my shooting, I feel guilty for it every time I load a mag) but since it's apparently just rebadged Tula I may consider trying to hunt down some Port Surplus or Silver Bear .308, I know SB isn't much better but it seems like a slight upgrade to me. If SB makes 5.56 I'd look into them over Tula if you're broke like me and must go steel cased.
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