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ghetto style

Was at an outdoor, unmanned range recently...(which i love). and saw some of the funniest shooting ever. Im laughing right now just thinking about it.I am by no means a gun snob, but these guys took the cake.Thugmaster #1 who was tryin to teach his lil homie how to shoot was sportin the ever popular Lorcin .380 His partner had a nickle or chrome plated Jiminez 9 mm. The leader started to shoot first... Arm turned sideways, and thrusting his elbow out with every shot. Almost like he was a boxer throwing a jab. So after a watchful eye thugmaster #2 gave it a try. Sideways goes the arm, but without the jab. When all of a sudden i see him start hollerin and dancin. I thught that maybe he was performing a rap song, But come to find out his Jiminez was spittin hot casings into the air and one landed on the back of his neck... Thats when thugmaster#1 proceeded to tell his partner he was a fool, and thats the reason for the jab.(apparantly you are supposed to yell yeah, yeah, mutha #%#@a) after each shot as well. At this point I was getting such a kick out of these guys I decided to go talk to them... They were actually very funny. They asked me what kind of gat I was blastin with. They didnt seem to impressed with my "oldschool" 1911 with the "ancient looking" wood grips.But were very proud of the 2 beauties they just bought at a local gun show. After chatting it up for a few minutes they offered me to join them in smoking a blunt... I declined and was on my way...
gotta love it !!!!!
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