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I like the .458. The recoil is not as harsh as some expect. As others here have said, it's not the cheapest thing to feed, but it's not my number one choice for a carbine class either. For hunting in wooded areas or anywhere that sight distance or skill limits the range of the shots you will be taking, it may be a great choice. The only down side is that for those who are wanting to do feral hog eradication and have the shooting skills to do so effectively, the magazine capacity can leave something to be desired.

We recently went hunting with Bill Wilson at his ranch, and of course we used a Wilson Combat .458 AR to take some hogs. We did a couple of article on it, but they are primarily on Wilson Combat and the experience of hunting with Bill. WC seems to have pretty consistent stock on .458 ammo, but I may be off on that so someone else may be able to confirm or correct this.
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