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Nope, not even close.

Good shotgun, but it does little more than the more common 870 and 500.

And, consider this. Most defensive shotguns here and now are not all blinged out "Ultimate" shotguns.

They're whatever shotgun the owner has.

One of my myriad cousins now owns the Lupara I made from a Ranger (Stevens) SxS. He hunts rabbits with it and keeps it loaded in the house for HD.

Another cousin ( I have 9 first cousins, maybe 20 second) has the Model 11 I used to own, given to me by yet another cousin. He also hunts with his and keeps it loaded JIC. I do not know if he takes the plug out or not.

I know a wide spectrum of gun folks, and most have a house shotgun or several. Pumps and autos are common, but few are short barreled.

Good defensive shotguns are common. Good defensive shotgunners are not.

Be the exception.....
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