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i just got back from shooting my SA-459 TK (this is the 22 inch barreled turkey gun variation on the same action as the SA-08).

It was awesome on dove. I took the front tactical sight and rear ghost rings off, and just put some sight paint on the little sight mounting block on the barrel. with a modified choke screwed in it was fantastic.

my only caution is get a black synthetic stock or get a wooden stock. i had a cammo pattern stock, and my insect repellant ate it right off of the gun. I think this is a common caution (not specific to weatherby) but just be aware... i am having to re-finish my stock and handguard now.

Also - on this guns dependability, its made by Armsan in Turkey, and sold by by both Tristar and Weatherby in various forms. there's a Youtube of the grueling tests Weatherby and Armsan executed on these guns before Weatherby started importing. Too dudes shooting skeet with literally like 10000 empty hulls in heaps surrounding them... I was pretty convinced after that that it would hold up to my uses.
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